Over the years, various companies in the food industry have sought out Chef Elizabeth as a consultant.  In addition to being executive chef of a food truck, she consults with several olive oil boutiques, a seafood CSA, and cookbook editors.  

Call or email if your business endeavor could benefit from her culinary expertise!

Do you want to host a party, but don't want to do it all yourself?  Do you want to actually enjoy your party instead of running back and forth from the kitchen?

Do you like making your own dishes for your party, but just need some help putting it all together for your big event? Or would you like someone to do it all from A to Z? 

Chef Elizabeth can help you with all of's just up to you to decide how much help you need!

Chef Elizabeth will be your "party director" and will work with you to -

- decide the scope of your party
- come up with party themes and ideas, create the perfect "game plan"
       to make your party a success
- prepare food and drinks
- set up and serve
- help figure out how much food to prepare and what can be made ahead
- help order food / determine where to purchase the best food for your 
party and the correct number of portions
- provide the best recipes for you to use
- provide or rent dishes / serving platters / etc. for your party

She can talk you through the process in advance and create a timeline, or she will even be there on the day of the event to run the party so you can spend more time with your guests.

Call or email to discuss pricing and event details.